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Here are some links to other websites.

ANWG The Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds is a regional group that includes guilds in the northwest US and Canada. The Alpine Meadows Weavers and Spinners belongs to this group. The ANWG has very informative conferences every other year.
Black Sheep Gathering Wool and sheep festival in Albany, Oregon.
Chelan County Fair The Alpine Meadows Weavers and Spinners has a booth at the fair every year. It is in the Wilkins Building and includes hands-on demonstrations of spinning and weaving and other activities for those interested in fiber.
Complex Weavers Complex Weavers was formed for weavers to study weaving, be it complex or not.
HGA The Handweavers Guild of America publishes a magazine quarterly and puts on a conference every other year. Thousands of weavers attend the conferences, some coming from overseas to attend. Some of the Alpine Meadows Weavers and Spinners members belong to HGA.
Weaving Works Weaving classes are available here in Seattle.
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